Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Save Money Renting Movies With Blockbuster Total Access

We love movies at our house and have tried all the movie rental programs and reward programs.

We found the Blockbuster Total Access Program to be the best fit for out family. We pay a monthly fee and then set up our queue or list of movies we would like to see. Blockbuster then send us the movie, we watch it, and then we either send it back or take it to the the local brick and mortar store down the road and exchange it for a movie in the store for FREE. The store sends it in for us and Blockbuster online sends us our next movie right away. So it's like double the movies!

There are no due dates or late fees for the movies that you get sent to your house. Watch them when you want and send them back when you want. It's like having the video store delivered to your home!

Sign Up With Blockbuster, Get 50% Off First Month.

Save Money Renting DVDs With Netflix

Do you love movies? Is the price of going out to the movies or even renting movies starting to break the bank?

Try using Netflix as a way to help you save money renting DVDs. You pay a monthly fee and then you set up a queue or a list of movies you want to see. Netflix sends you the movie, you watch it, and send it back and they send you the next one on your list.

It's liking having the video store delivered to your door!

Netflix, Inc.

Use Bookswim To Save Money On Books

Do you read a lot of books? If you do, then you know how expensive it is to keep buying new books! How can you keep your love of reading alive and not go broke?

Here are some options available to book lovers. You can frequent your local library, we have library cards to all the libraries within a 10 mile radius of our home! You can only buy books that are on sale or clearance, goo idea if they have books you like and want.

But all of these ways require you to leave your home, in the heat and get in your car and use up precious gas. And with gas prices being what they are, this can be a scary thought!

We suggest that you try out bookswim. Bookswim works like netflix but it's for books instead of DVDs. You pay a base price for the month and then you get to make up your queue or list of titles you would like to read. They send you the book, you read it, and then send it back! Pretty good deal especially if you don't want to keep the book!

So, go ahead and give them a try. It's like having the library delivered to your door!

Monday, June 30, 2008

Save on Business Supplies

If you own a small business or are looking to start a small business from your home then you will want to check out VistaPrint.

VistaPrint is where I go to get the supplies for my Usborne Books Business. Quality supplies like, business cards, magnets, car magnets, notepads, and more can be found at VistaPrint for a fraction of the price. They even have products for FREE!

Head on over and get your business supplies today!

VistaPrint.com. Save up to 90%

Ringtones For Your Cellphones

While we are talking about cellphones, why not get custom ring tones for cheap!

Hands-Free Cellphones

For those of you who live in California, the hands-free cellphone law goes into affect on July 1, 2008!

What does this mean? This means that you can now be pulled over for talking on your cell phone while driving. To avoid getting a ticket, you now have to have some kind of hands-free device.

To help you save money visit these retailers and search for the best deals on hands-free devices for your phone. You will also save over $50 a ticket!

Cellular-Blowout.com - Wireless Superstore

Wireless Emporium - 75% Off Cellphone Accessories

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