Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Use Bookswim To Save Money On Books

Do you read a lot of books? If you do, then you know how expensive it is to keep buying new books! How can you keep your love of reading alive and not go broke?

Here are some options available to book lovers. You can frequent your local library, we have library cards to all the libraries within a 10 mile radius of our home! You can only buy books that are on sale or clearance, goo idea if they have books you like and want.

But all of these ways require you to leave your home, in the heat and get in your car and use up precious gas. And with gas prices being what they are, this can be a scary thought!

We suggest that you try out bookswim. Bookswim works like netflix but it's for books instead of DVDs. You pay a base price for the month and then you get to make up your queue or list of titles you would like to read. They send you the book, you read it, and then send it back! Pretty good deal especially if you don't want to keep the book!

So, go ahead and give them a try. It's like having the library delivered to your door!

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