Friday, February 22, 2008

Discounts on The Backyardigans Toys At

Nickelodeon Shop

20% Off The Backyardigans at! Valid 2.20.08 to 3.9.08.

Whether you're looking for Backyardigans DVDs, Backyardigans books, or Backyardigans furniture, they've got it on sale over at

Backyardigans follows the adventures of Uniqua, Pablo, Tyrone, Tasha, and Austin as they go on adventures throughout the universe without leaving thier own back yard, thanks to the power of their imaginations.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Make Money Selling Your Old Books

Okay, I know that this site is mostly for saving money but hey we can all use a good recommendation for making money. Right? After all, you need to have money to be able to save money! Now this isn't going to make you rich but it will help you get a few extra dollars here and there.

If you are like us you have a ton of books at your house. We could lead the Book-a-holics Annonymous support group! What do you do with all the old books that were good the first time but your never going to read again, or the ones that weren't any good or just aren't your thing?

We have found some great sites that will let you sell you old books. We have been using for quite some time now, and average between $10-20 a month, like I said you're not going to get rich this way! Using is easy, you type in the ISBN of the books, dvds, or whatever you are selling. You then put in the condition your item is in and you get to pick how much you want to sell them for. If you are like me and just trying to clear out space, then price the items to go, at rock bottom prices. But if you are trying to make a lot or have an item that is worth a lot mark it at a higher price. That's it your done. You will get an email notifictaion when your item sells, and then you have 3 days to ship out the item. Now comes the shameless plug, feel free to check out my book shop, I am constantly adding new items.

I just came across a new site that will also buy your books, It's easy enough to use as well. You go to their site, put in the ISBN of the books you want to get rid of and they will let you know if they are currently buying those books they will quote you a price an you decide if you are willing to sell them at that price. They will then send you a printable postage label. If you can not print from your computer than you can request printing labels from them to be mailed to you, you would then have to pay postage but they will reimburse you. I have not as of yet done business with them but I am willing to give it a try to clear out the space!

These are just a couple of places that we use to help clear up space on our bookshelves, and make a couple of dollars in the process. What are the places that you use? buy/sell used books, music, movies,games

Monday, February 18, 2008

Discounts on Laptops at Best Buy

$150 - $200 off select laptops
Some big deals this week over at Best Buy. Here's the rundown:

$150 - $200 off select laptops at Valid from 2/17-2/23.

19" widescreen LCD monitors starting at $179.99 at Valid from 2/17-2/23.

5% - 15% off select TVs at Valid from 2/17-2/23.

5% - 25% off select digital cameras, plus free shipping at Valid from 2/17-2/23.

5% - 10% off select digital camcorders, plus free shipping at Valid from 2/17-2/23.

All printers on sale at Valid from 2/17-3/8.

Upcoming One Day Sale At Macy's - 2.22 - - 2.19 - 2.21Starting February 22nd, get ready for a big sale at Macy's.

Macy's One Day Sale starts with a preview day on Friday, February 22nd. you can save 20-50% on values and web busters! This sale ends Saturday, February 23rd.

In the meantime, they've got free shipping on their regular priced items from the 19th until the 21st.

The Magic of Spring is at Macy's! FREE SHIPPING with a purchase of regular-priced women's clothing. Valid 19-Feb-08 through 21-Feb-08.

One Day Sale at Macy's. Save 20-50% + values & web busters! Valid 22-Feb-08 through 23-Feb-08.

Save Money At Walmart

Okay, I LOVE Walmart, my husband Erik, on the other hand HATES Walmart. I love it for the convience it's less than five miles away from our house, the variety of products offred and the deals. So, here's another great Walmart deal! USA, LLC