Thursday, February 14, 2008

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On this blog, when we say let's save some money, we really mean it.

Seriously, we know we post a lot of stuff about sales and things, but quite honestly, getting good deals isn't really saving money in the sense that we mean it.

When we say save money, we mean it in the sense of putting away some of what you make every month. No matter how good a deal you're getting, if more money's flowing out than is coming in . . . well, that way lies financial misery.

Rather, we go by the motto, "Part of all you make is yours to keep."

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Orbitz has gone crazy with cruise deals right now, so we're posting a handful of them below.

Seriously, with the way the internet is, anybody who pays full price for cruises any more is out of their mind.

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Last-Minute Cruise Deals - Sail within 30 days, save up to 75%!

Celebrity 5-night Western Caribbean Cruises from $419!

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Norwegian Cruise Line 13-night Western Europe from $1149!

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So, you think Netflix is great, but feel bad about all the books you're missing out on?

Well, now you can save all the money Netflix is saving you on videos to use BookSwim for books. It's an online rental program for books!

You can rent the books for as long as you like--there are no late fees. Return the book when you're done, and get the next one.

It's not just fiction books either--they've got cookbooks, self-help books, histosry books--even graphic novels.

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Plus, from now until February 29th, Bookswim is offering deep discounts on their memberships. You can start your membership for the price of the number of books you want on your plan. $3 for 3 books, $5 for 5 books, for every plan but the 2-at-a-time plan.

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