Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Save Money Renting Movies With Blockbuster Total Access

We love movies at our house and have tried all the movie rental programs and reward programs.

We found the Blockbuster Total Access Program to be the best fit for out family. We pay a monthly fee and then set up our queue or list of movies we would like to see. Blockbuster then send us the movie, we watch it, and then we either send it back or take it to the the local brick and mortar store down the road and exchange it for a movie in the store for FREE. The store sends it in for us and Blockbuster online sends us our next movie right away. So it's like double the movies!

There are no due dates or late fees for the movies that you get sent to your house. Watch them when you want and send them back when you want. It's like having the video store delivered to your home!

Sign Up With Blockbuster, Get 50% Off First Month.

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