Friday, November 30, 2007

Save Money And Earn Money At The Same Time!!

You're looking for a way to save money on things that you buy every day, right? Well, how would you like to get your own FREE shopping mall online, and earn reabates on everything that you purchase? Sounds too good to be true, right? Well, it's not! You can save money and earn money at the same time on things that you are already going to buy!

Are you looking for a business opportunity? I’m so glad because it means you want to change your life. I’m sure you already know how important it is to find that right opportunity. When I started looking for a business I knew that 97% of people who try to find financial freedom through a home-based business fail so I knew whatever I chose had to be different!

There were certain "Givens."
It had to be FREE so every person who wanted to change their lives would have a chance.
It had to be simple.
It had to take away all the “business games” that kept most people from succeeding in a home-based business.

The "Givens" were answered when I found MY POWER MALL!

I’m not going to take time to explain it because MY POWER MALL has created some powerful movies and a great website that will do just that. I will tell you it is totally new, totally FREE, very simple, and can be done in conjunction with anything else you are doing to generate financial freedom. You could easily be making $4 - 6000 a month, but your income potential is unlimited. Interested? Click the button below! It will only take a few minutes to determine if our FREE program is what you have been looking for. I believe it is!

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Happy Shopping!

Thursday, November 29, 2007

20% Discount at

Alloy.comOne of the web's biggest sites for teen fashions is offering a 20% discount over the weekend, and it's good for 20% off your entire order.

When you consider that their clearance section has stuff at up to 75% off, you're talking some serious savings here.

Take 20% off your entire order! Use code ALYGIFT. Offer expires 12.3.07.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Discount Airfaire - 48 Hour Sale

CheapTickets 48 Sale - Exp 11/29/07 (125x125)If you were planning on flying this holiday season, and hadn't acted yet, you have 48 hours to jump on this one: is offering an additional $50 off their already low fares if you buy tickets, or a ticket & hotel combo. They're already one of the big boys in discount travel and cheap airline tickets, so this should be what you're looking for.

You just have to use the promo code 48HOURSALE and do it before November 29th. All travel must take place by January 31, 2008.

Cheaptickets 48-hour Sale: Save $50! (PROMO CODE: 48HOURSALE) Expires Nov. 29

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Get Great Deals On Used Books, Used Music, And Used Videos With

SecondSpin.comThe used product sites are perhaps one of the Internets greatest resources for those of us looking to either make a few extra bucks by selling some of our clutter, or those of us looking to score a deal on something we can't bare to pay full price for. was one of the first, and some still swear by it.

And we've got a code to get you free shipping--do the other used book, used CD, and used DVD stores offer that?

Free Shipping at! Use code freeholiday at checkout.

My Number One Secret For Saving Money

I have a favorite secret for saving money, and it's this:


I'm serious.

There's an old adage that says, "You can have it fast, cheap, or good. Pick any two."

It really is true.

Think about dinner. You've got your choices. Let's say you want to have a good dinner. That leaves with two choices. You can get it fast, by going to a restaurant, but it isn't going to be cheap. You can get a good meal more cheaply, by cooking it yourself, but it isn't going to be very fast.

So obviously, on this blog, we're dialed in on cheap. We want to save some money, right?

This means we've got to give up one of the other two. And who wants to give up good?

That leaves fast as the thing we have to sacrifice to get good stuff cheap.

If we're willing to put some time into it, we can get good quality stuff at a cheaper price.

How do we do that?

Well, it might mean waiting for it to go on sale, or waiting for it to go on clearance. Buying things out of season or waiting for the new version to come out is a good way to get something at a deeply discounted price.

It also might mean spending more time shopping around. Obviously, taking the time to hunt all over the county (or the Internet) for a used car takes more time than heading down to the closest Used Car lot and picking out the best deal there, but your time pays off with deep discounts.

So next time you're looking to save a few dollars, ask yourself if there's a way that you can put some time into getting a discount, and turn those minutes into some dollars off your purchase.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Get Discount Car Rentals At

Thrifty Rent-A-Car System, Inc. You can always get 5% off by ordering online with, but for the holidays, they've got an extra deal going on for a limited time.

Nationwide holiday rates staring at just $33.00 per day and at $169.00 per week. Rates valid at all U.S. locations except the New York Metro area and Hawaii. Enter in PC Code 722M2 at booking. A 24 hour advanced reservation is required. Rates effective from 11.25.07 thru 12.12.07.

Save Money On Your Grocery Bill

With grocery prices on the rise everyone seems to be looking for ways to save money on groceries. The most obvious way is to use coupons. A word of caution about coupons; only use a coupon if it something that you were originally planning on buying! Using a coupon to get a few cents off something that is just going to sit on your shelf and never be used is not really saving you money. And believe it or not sometimes even with your coupon the store brand just might be cheaper.

Does this mean that you shouldn't use coupons? No! Just do your homework. Know what it is you need to buy and pour through the sale ads. I have used many a coupon on an item on sale at a store that offers double coupons and ended up saving a lot.

Now a word about store brands--there really is nothing wrong with buying store brand. Most times you can't tell the difference between the store brand and the name brand. I urge you the next time you are at the store compare the ingredients in the name brand to the store brand, you will be surprised that most times the ingredients are the same! Why is the name brand then more expensive than the store brand? Advertising. Yes, when you purchase a name brand you are paying for the advertisement of that product.

Always plan your shopping trip. This is so important, especially with the rise in gas prices. Know which stores have the items you need on sale, or if not on sale, which store is cheaper. Also, don't travel all the way across town just to buy one item to save 10 cents. The time and money spent on gas is not worth it.

Always go with a grocery list in hand!!! This one step either breaks or makes our food budget. If I run to the store to just pick up a few things with out a list I come home with a lot more stuff and a lot less money!

What goes on your grocery list? First off, things that you need or have run out of. I keep one of those cheap magnetic pads on my refrigerator and as I run out of things or notice something getting low I write it on the pad. Voila, instant start to your grocery list.

Second, it's easier to make a grocery list if you have a menu plan. Know what you meals you are going to make that week and write down what ingredients you will need. I tried to plan out what meal we would eat on which day and found that didn't work for us. What I found works for us is to just write down the meal on a piece of paper and hang it on the refrigerator, when I fix a meal I cross it off. This gives me more choices and I don't feel so locked into a rigid schedule. So, find out what works for you and do it!

Only buy the amount that your family can use before it goes bad. If you buy something in bulk because you couldn't beat the price and half of it ends up going bad you really haven't saved anything. You've actually ended up throwing away money.

There are many more ideas out there, as these are just a few tips to get you started.

Happy deal hunting!

Online Book Rentals - Give BookSwim A Whirl

So, you think Netflix is great, but feel bad about all the books you're missing out on?

Well, now you can save all the money Netflix is saving you on videos to use BookSwim for books. It's an online rental program for books!

You can rent the books for as long as you like--there are no late fees. Return the book when you're done, and get the next one.

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