Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Save Money With Half.com

eBay's Half.com has Amazing Bargains
Okay, this is a serious one. This has been one of the biggest ways we've saved money in our family over the last couple of years. We never, ever pay full price for books or DVDs. We get deep discounts on both of them. We get them from half.com.

Half.com is owned by Ebay, and it's sort of the same principle. People who have stuff log on to half.com and register it. Rather than having an auction, like on Ebay, they just list the condition of the book and the price. Then, you log on looking for whatever you want to buy. When you find a combination of price and condition that suits your fancy, you buy it.

The good news is, the more popular the book or the DVD, the more of them there are out there, so the cheaper the price is.

And it's not just DVDs, CDs, and books--they've also got video games and electronics.

This is the used book place I swear by. The other advantage they have is that you can combine shipping if you buy more than one thing from the same seller, and they make it easy to browse the seller's store for other products you want. Keep that in mind as you're looking at products--one store's products might look a little more expensive, but if you can combine shipping it can sometimes bring the total cost down.

Have fun looking for deals!

Check out eBay's Half.com for great deals on books, CDs, DVDs, electronics, computers, PDAs and more. Save Big!!

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