Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Get Money And Save Money With Inbox Dollars

There are a ton of rewards programs out there on the internet that give you "points" for buying products or participating in offers.

Inbox Dollars cuts straight to the quick and gives you cash. Long story short, they share some of the incentive bonus they get when you buy products from one of their sponsors, so for you it works out like getting discounts or rebates of up to 15% off the products and services you would buy off the internet anyway.

For example, if you're a regular iTunes purchaser, you can get 5% of every iTunes purchase back as cash through Inbox Dollars. If you were to get the NetNanny internet filter, you'd get 15% of your purchase price back.

They also offer specials where you can combine discounts with cash back to get even bigger discounts. For instance, at 411 Inkjets, they offer 12% cash back. Plus, they have a deal going for 5% off your order. So that works out to even bigger savings!

They also give you a few cents for every email you click on, whether you purchase the product or not, and you can get a dollar for completing surveys as well. So there are ways to make money even if you don't buy anything.

Plus, they'll put $5 in your account just for signing up.

They've also got a "Get Paid For Playing Games" feature, but I don't recommend it. It's one of those pay-to-play deals where you can win money for playing games, but they pay you based on how much money you put in, not how long you play. It's something like 5 cents for every dollar, so I don't recommend it, since losing a dollar because somebody's better than you at Bejewelled isn't any way to make 5 cents.

But the paid emails, paid surveys, and cash back for shopping programs all work fine.

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