Thursday, February 14, 2008

Open Free Checking And Savings Accounts Online

On this blog, when we say let's save some money, we really mean it.

Seriously, we know we post a lot of stuff about sales and things, but quite honestly, getting good deals isn't really saving money in the sense that we mean it.

When we say save money, we mean it in the sense of putting away some of what you make every month. No matter how good a deal you're getting, if more money's flowing out than is coming in . . . well, that way lies financial misery.

Rather, we go by the motto, "Part of all you make is yours to keep."

Which is why we're endorsing Washington Mutual's free Checking account and savings account bundle. It gives you both kinds of savings--you're not spending as much on bank fees, and you're creating a place to put those extra dollars you're not spending because you're being wise and frugal.

Setting aside a little money for a rainy day is the key to financial peace of mind. When you've got money set aside for emergencies, you don't have to worry about the little things that happen--you know you're covered.

Plus, a savings account is not just the key to financial stability, but it's the launching point for financial prosperity. It's like the starter course that leads you to the other kinds of investments where your money can really go to work for you--things like CDs, Money Market accounts, Mutual Funds, and other investments.

Open a free checking and high-yield savings account, with a competitive APY by filling out the WaMu Free Checking™ application. Learn more!

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