Friday, April 25, 2008

Teach Kids About Saving Money With Snigglezoo Entertainment

It's a frustrating fact of life that schools just don't teach about saving money. If kids are going to learn about money and saving, it's going to have to happen at home.

Fortunately, the folks at Snigglezoo Entertainment have put together some products that can help. They've got a DVD with signing monkeys teaching kids about the value of saving. And let's be honest--what's not to love about singing monkeys.

You may have seen them before--lots of credit unions have started using The Money Mammals as mascots to help kids understand money and saving.

They've also got an "Allowance Magic" program about how to turn allowance into a great teaching experience.

The best part, too, for a guy at a blog called "Let's Save Some Money" is that nothing in the store is over $20.00.

So go check 'em out.

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