Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Save Money On Video Rentals

We love movies at our house. If we were able to afford it, we would go out to the movies every week. But, as it stands now we simply can not afford that luxury. So, how do we still enjoy movies? We rent them.

We have done almost every movie rental company, brick and mortar store, as well as online. Our favorite pick is Blockbuster! Why? You get movies sent to your house for one monthly fee, you keep the movie as long as you want and then send it back in a prepaid envelope. But what we love the most is that you also have the option of taking your movie to the brick and mortar Blockbuster storefront and exchange it for any movie in the store for FREE! Yes, you read that right, for FREE! And on top of getting a movie for FREE you also get a new movie sent out to you from your queue on line. How great is that?

How does Blockbuster Total Access's price compare to other online rental companies, well it's basically the same price. Plus you get the added bonus of being able to exchange the movie in-store as well.

How does Blockbuster Total Access's price compare to other brick and mortar stores special customer programs and rewards, again it's basically the same. Plus you get the added bonus of having the online.

So, you see you basically get two great offers in one!

And now you can get your first month of Blockbuster's Total Access for half the price! What could be better? Try it and see if you don't agree with us!

Sign Up With Blockbuster, Get 50% Off First Month.

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