Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Save Money On Your Grocery Bill

With prices on the rise on everything from gasoline to eggs, it's always great to be able to save a little money on things that you have to buy!

There is a great website that can help you save money on groceries, and they do the footwork for you which helps save you time! The name of the site is The Grocery Game. They even have a special promotion where you can try it for only $1 for 4 weeks.

If you don't think that it has saved you time and money than go ahead and cancel your membership, but if you are like me and feel that the time that it saves you is well worth the $10 every 8 weeks, then keep your membership!

That works out to $2 a week, you save more than that on the deals they send you. My time is definitely worth $2! I was spending hours a week trying to figure out all the deals myself, now I get an email and everything is right there, so simple, fast, and easy! Now I have more time to spend with my family!

You can choose as many stores as you would like in your area, the first store's info is $10 and each additional store is $5 more. Even that is well worth the price!

If you do decide to try them out, please put down my email address,, in the referral box, that way I can earn FREE weeks! Try out The Grocery Game and see if you don't love the savings of money and time!

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