Thursday, January 3, 2008

Save Money On Your Weight Loss Resolution At Vitamin World

Vitamin WorldNew Year's Savings! Save 20% - 50% on Weight Management Items at Vitamin World. Expires: 1.31.08

Yeah, you know you have that weight loss goal going on like rest of us. Well, now you know where to go. Check out the real deal savings on the products over at Vitamin World.

Oh, and do check out the Vitamin World brand name stuff. It's cheaper--and a lot of times it's made by the exact same people who make the other brands. As in, Vitamin World contracts out their bottling, and the guys who bottle it often use the exact same formulas and ingredients as some of the brand name products. And that's on the word of a guy who works at the bottler, not anybody at Vitamin World.

So head on over, find some deals, get healthy, and make this a great year.

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