Thursday, December 27, 2007

Save On Gifts

Okay, if you are like me you just finished your holiday shopping yesterday, the day after Christmas. (Last minute gifts for friends we were seeing after the holidays.) And if like me, you are totally worn out from holiday shopping and crowds, I'm sure that you don't want to even think about setting foot in another retail store until next December! But I beg you to be patient with me as I talk about preparing for next years gift giving extravaganza.

I have decided, and I know I say this every year, that I am going to get my holiday shopping and gift making done early this coming year. But, this year I am so serious, and I have even taken the first steps in making this possible. Which is, making a list!

I am making lists of all potential gift giving extravaganzas through out the year; birthdays, anniversaries, Easter, and Christmas! I am breaking done each month with important dates and what needs to be bought for each event, will just a card do or do I need to purchase a small gift. Then the plan is to sit done with my husband and put a dollar amount next to each name and date.

I know that I can purchase cards at the local dollar store for $.50 each, have I mentioned that I love the dollar store? So, for those events that only require a card i will be able to budget $1.00 and be covered, even including postage!

After the budget limit is set I will then sit down and brainstorm what that person's interest, hobbies, etc. are. Finally I will then brainstorm ideas of things that I can make and or buy for each event.

I will then carry this list with me wherever I go, shopping, library, bank, post office, homes of people I visit, everywhere! You never know when an idea will hit and I want to be prepared with my list!

Another reason to carry the list with me everywhere is so when I see something that "so and so will like" or "would be just perfect for," I can then whip out my list and decide if yes that would be perfect or no keep looking. And if I have my list with me I can purchase things on sale at great prices throughout the year. Thus spreading out the money spent on gifts throughout the year instead of being hit with big amounts at certain times.

Also, when I purchase something I can then write down the exact thing purchased and for how much, making sure to stay under budget!

The last thing that my list will do is help me keep track of where I am storing or hiding everything. How many times have I bought something months in advance and then been unable to locate it when it is needed? More times than I can count! I don't really save anything buying early if I can't locate it when needed, and then I have to turn around and buy something else! No more!

Who's ready to join me and put an end to being unorganized, last minute gift buying, and buying overpriced items! This year is the year I will succeed!

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